Nestled in the heart of Coral Gables, Florida, the Coral Gables Museum stands as a testament to the city’s rich history, vibrant culture, and architectural legacy. Learn more here.


Originally constructed in 1939 as the city’s first police and fire station, the building was repurposed and reopened as the Coral Gables Museum in 2011 after extensive renovations. Learn more about Unveiling the Alhambra Water Tower: A Historic Landmark in Coral Gables.


Designed by Phineas Paist in the Mediterranean Revival style, the museum building itself is a historical landmark, boasting elegant arches, decorative tiles, and a bell tower that harkens back to Florida’s early 20th-century architectural heritage.

Exhibits and Collections:

The museum showcases a diverse range of exhibits that celebrate the unique history, art, and culture of Coral Gables and South Florida. From rotating contemporary art installations to permanent collections highlighting the city’s founding vision by George Merrick, visitors are treated to a dynamic exploration of the area’s past and present.

Community Engagement:

Beyond its exhibits, the Coral Gables Museum plays an integral role in the community, offering educational programs, workshops, and events that foster a deeper appreciation for local history and the arts.


As a cultural hub in Coral Gables, Florida, the Coral Gables Museum invites visitors to embark on a journey through time, exploring the fascinating stories and rich heritage that define this enchanting city.